Why you should let dentist clean your teeth too

You might be perturbed at this point. But kudos to you for doing so anyhow. Please don’t stop. Keep up with what you are doing. You are doing yourself, your overall health, and your teeth and gums a huge favor. You are one of those good people who are brushing and flossing their teeth no less than three times a day. Some of you have even gone as far as brushing and cleaning after the consumption of each and every healthy meal and cup of green tea. Well done to all of you! But why the need for a dental cleanings tacoma appointment then?

Because no matter how often you brush your teeth, and floss it, and gargle out your mouth afterwards, you are never entirely rid of the bacteria that collects in-between your teeth and sets into your gums. Sometimes you can feel those hard spots along your gum area. That’s where the germs have coagulated. And then the worst part is those gums that have become quite soft. They’ve also gone red.

They’ve become inflamed owing to infection. You brush and floss your teeth after every meal. And true enough, it looks lovely, clean and white by the time you are finished. But unless you have that mirror-like device, no smaller than a pen, that the dentist uses, you’ll never be able to see what your teeth looks like at the back. And there it is. Once the dentist has taken a look inside, he can see where all the debris lies.

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By now, it looks black or dark brown in color. The dentist has hygienic, handheld but power-operated tools, they are hygienic to use as well, to use to clean your teeth with.